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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:United States of America
AGE STATEMENT: I am well over 18 years old; I waved goodbye to 40 several years ago.

This journal is intended only for those 18 years or older. Any stories posted here will deal with mature themes not intended for those underage. If you are younger than 18, find somewhere else to be.

I love having friends, so feel free to friend me if you like, and if you leave me a comment somewhere, I'll more than likely friend you back!

I have an account at AO3, also under Varkelton, if you want a more user-friendly way to read my stories, but my fic will always go up here first. This journal was originally at Live Journal, but that site will be going away. I also set up an account at JournalFen under Varkelton, back when we were under threat of the Great Fandom Migration. Feel free to friend me there was well, just be aware that I hardly ever check it.

I have a full time obsession with Supernatural, but occasionally other fandoms catch my interest and I take a little break (but I always seem to come back to my boys): Dark Angel, The Dead Zone, BtVS/AtS, Smallville, Harry Potter, Highlander, Sentinel, The Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Blood Ties, Dante's Cove, and Kyle XY...

I tend to stick almost exclusively to the dark and angsty side of fandom. Fluff and me just don't really get along.

Another one conquered! Supernatural Hardcore Big Bang - 2012
SPN Hardcore Big Bang

Big Bang 2010 - Done! \o/
Big Bang 2010

I did it again!!! \o/ Kink Big Bang 2009

I did it!!! \o/ Big Bang 2009

Iz Proud!!! \o/ Mini_NanoWriMo 2009-2010
Mini Nanowrimo 2010
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